Extended Reality

Gwydion is a platform for simulation and training based on extended reality. Extended reality encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

The virtual reality seeks total immersion, giving the feeling of being in another place without being physically in that place. It allows to display content that can be played on mobile devices and virtual reality glasses.

Augmented reality allows us to use virtual content in the physical world, combining virtual and real elements, providing meta-information to the user.

In the case of mixed reality, the technology is a combination of the previous ones, it seeks to combine real and virtual environments, being an interactive technology and in real time. Unlike virtual reality, it does not isolate the user from reality.

Gwydion is capable, depending on the device, of running content for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Taking advantage at all times of the best features of the device on which it runs. Being able to integrate Andy and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) in all of them.