What is GWYDION?

Gwydion, a pioneering interactive learning platform, leverages the fusion of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and extended reality to accelerate the understanding of complex topics. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it encourages seamless engagement, making fully interactive learning more accessible and enjoyable. By revolutionizing traditional educational approaches, Gwydion offers an unparalleled learning journey for both students and educators, enabling them to realize their full potential.



Gwydion’s smart assistant, Andy, offers continuous user support, adapting guidance based on progress and responding accurately to natural language commands. With visual interaction capabilities mimicking human expressions. Andy fosters a comfortable user-assistant relationship.

Internet of Things

Gwydion enhances the haptic interface by enabling users to interact with sensorized physical objects, observing the effects in virtual environments. This fusion of sensorization and AI-driven data processing establishes a scalable AIoT platform, facilitating seamless integration of physical and virtual realms.

eXtended Reality

Gwydion’s versatility allows the execution of content adapted to virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences, adapting to the capabilities of each device. Our team develops optimal training content, maximizing the potential of the device on which they operate, offering immersive and effective learning experiences.


Gwydion leverages its advanced capabilities to create intelligent Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) enabling the programming of various personalities. These smart NPCs are not just static entities but dynamic entities capable of evolving and adapting their behaviors based on user input or environmental stimuli.